Graphic Design Express changes to Creative Fools




cre·a·tive (kre-a-tiv) adjective
characterized by originality of thought and expressiveness

fool (fool) noun
a person who enjoys something very much

About the Photographers and Graphic Designer




When photography shifted from a hobby to offering it as a service, it became clear that I needed to change my current business name "Graphic Design Express" as it was no longer just about design.

Choosing a name was a struggle, I know I wanted something that would stick, something creative, humorous and fun. So for months, I tossed names around with no success until one day while cleaning my desk, I came across an old button pin I had purchased while shopping at University Art for school supplies (Rubylithe, Wax and a Xacto knife - yes I'm dating myself). While at the checkout line, I rummaged through a basket of button pins at the counter and came across one that grabbed my attention. It read "Creative Fool", it made me laugh, but it resonated, because I was going after my dream and would soon become part of the creative field.. I bought the button and it has traveled with me throughout my career - pinned to cubicle walls, tossed in boxes and in the back of that desk drawer and now showcased as my business name.

I truly love what I do - 90% of the time it doesn't feel like work. The other 10% can be overwhelming but it's all worth the payoff. Being a designer doesn't stop once you get up from behind the computer screen, you tend to naturally critique all things around you from billboards, magazine layouts, signage, packaging - anything that involves typography, layout and color. I truly believe those elements should come through in a thoughtful and deliberate way - that is graphic design and it's the passion I have for it and the commitment to my clients that keeps me working all hours of the night - even when I'm too tired to think straight.